NSH Booking Agreement

Please see the terms and conditions for the booking of a Neat Scotch House private tasting below:

Set up:

Allow 30-45 mins before booked time for set up of tasting station

Allow 30 mins after booked end time for tear down of tasting station

Access to standard 120V outlet may be needed pending on package booked

Please provide parking/access notes/buzzer code and instructions in advance

Please provide access to sink for light washing of tasting glasses- depending on package

Tasting will begin and end within booked time frame. Any extra time will be billed to client

Tasting rules:

NSH tasting servers have the right to inform booking clients of any guest that seems to be over served/intoxicated and not serve them

Guests are not to pour their own scotch sampling or cocktails

Booking client is responsible for any damage done to any signage or property of Neat Scotch House due to guests or venue

All unused alcohol must be removed by NSH host/staff after tasting unless purchased by booking client

No doubles or shots permitted to be served

If guest become belligerent or aggressive towards the NSH hostess/staff the booking client will be made aware and tasting will end immediately if not rectified

A $45 fee per hour charge will be billed to booking client if agreed time block is exceeded


50% non refundable deposit is due upon client receiving invoice and the terms of this agreement is accepted

Payment options: email money transfer (send to neatscotchhouse@gmail.com) or credit card (please note a 5% surcharge service fee will be added to any payments made via credit card)

Date of tasting event will not be officially booked until deposit is received from client

Full/remaining payment balance is due 72hrs before booked date

Cancellation notice must be given 48 hours before booked date for 50% refund if full balance has been paid

Booking can be reschedule for another date and time if need be with 24 hours notice of booked date

Travel fee may be applied to bookings outside the GTA.  Amount will vary depending on distance and location

Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm

Sat-Sun 11am to 4pm