About Us

Bryan Brown started the Neat Scotch House in 2020. One of the hardest years to even think about starting a new business but nevertheless, he gave it a shot. With his love of scotch and giving people a unique experience, The Neat Scotch House was born. Bryan took a simple idea of delivering small scotch kits to friends during a pandemic to a full service scotch tasting experience.

His 15+ years of coordinating events and projects helped his launch Neat Scotch House to what it has become today. He will be the first to tell you he never envisioned starting something like this, but without question he is thankful and grateful for everything Neat Scotch House has become and will continue to be.

Scotch Tastings

Perfect addition to any event or company function. Fun and informative for your guests and clients.

Pop Up Events

Upscale events to experience our services and enjoy what the Neat Scotch House is all about.

Gift Sets

Our gift sets are perfect for any occasion for the scotch lover in your life.

Our vision and goal for Neat Scotch House is to continue to educate and entertain the world on the wonderful spirit that scotch is. We want to shatter the myth that scotch is an “old man” drink and that it is for snobby crowds. We want to show appreciation for the history and culture that scotch has while combining it with a modern and unique experience. Bringing all worlds together to have the love of scotch and show the diversity it can have.

Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm

Sat-Sun 11am to 4pm